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High Altitude Training for Everyone!

Training at high altitudes is not a new idea. It has been done for many years, both by athletes and by people who work at high altitudes, such as pilots and commercial aircrews. Having at least a little high altitude or elevation training is almost a “must have” for any serious mountain climbers, as their bodies need to be prepared for low oxygen environments before attempting to climb in them.

In the past it was not always easy to train at high altitudes. Some places, such as Colorado in America and Kenya in Africa are well suited for this type of training, but for those living at or near sea level, they do not have the same options. If you want to experience this type of training but fall into the latter category of someone who lives closer to sea level than living at elevation, don’t fret. There’s now a solution for you.

Enter the high altitude training mask. By wearing this awesome piece of training equipment during your workouts, you can simulate what athletes living at elevation experience. What’s even better is you don’t have to relocate to do this. These masks also come with the ability to change the amount of airflow they let in, so the wearer can start easy and work their way up to more difficult (less oxygen) simulated environments. These masks are definitely worth a try if you are looking to step up your training routine.